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About Medical Eyeglass Center

Since 1978, Medical Eyeglass Center has been a trusted name in optical dispensary development and management.

Headquartered in Westfield, New Jersey, Medical Eyeglass Center is credited with developing a comprehensive strategy for developing optical dispensaries across the country.

Over the last 38 years, we have worked with client practices to increase total performance by deploying a highly experienced leadership and management team, with a focus on implementing effective patient satisfaction processes, and with an eye on exceptional customer service! We invite you to learn more about Medical Eyeglass Center and contact us to schedule a consultation.

Medical Eyeglass Center has been successfully operating in-office optical dispensaries for the eye care community for over 38 years. The management team at Medical Eyeglass Center is dedicated exclusively to providing our clients with the most profitable solutions to their optical dispensing needs.

We provide a broad base of support staff for all facets of your optical department. The Medical Eyeglass Center development and management strategy is scale-able and works in practices of all sizes and complexities, from small single-provider practices with one location and provider to larger multi-specialty businesses with many locations.

From Maine to Florida to California, we successfully help optical dispensaries across the United States maximize the patient experience and practice profits by working exclusively in the field of ophthalmology. Medical Eyeglass Center focuses on the high priority areas that will transform your optical dispensary into a patient service that perfectly complements your ophthalmic practice.


Our Staff

Medical Eyeglass Center has a deep and experienced team of professionals dedicated to maximizing results in all areas of the optical department. Some of the consultants we provide to your optical department are:

  • Practice Development Managers
  • Optician Development Managers
  • On-Site Optical Managers
  • Dedicated Frame Inventory Management Team
  • Marketing/Promotional Staff to create scheduled events at your optical dispensary
  • Insurance Credentialing and Claims Tracking Support

We are significantly more than just the optician in your office. We are a broad base of support staff dedicated to providing efficient and productive optical dispensary management results.


Medical Eyeglass Center is a leading optical development and management company that has helped optical dispensaries like yours become everything you have always wanted it to be, and our clients are a testament to the effectiveness of our program. To learn more about how Medical Eyeglass Center can help the optical department at your eye care practice, visit our contact page to request a personalized consultation. You can also schedule a consultation by calling our office at (800) 455-0828.