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Optical Dispensary Analysis

Medical Eyeglass Center’s Optical dispensary analysis is a comprehensive assessment of your dispensary results, its historical profit and revenue performance, an assessment of the optical dispensary’s integration with the overall practice as well as a review of the optical staff performance.

This onsite assessment is the starting point of Medical Eyeglass Center’s review of your dispensary and it includes a free optical benchmark analysis in addition to our overall dispensary assessment. The final report provides the practice with incredible insight into your optical business and costs your practice absolutely nothing but time to receive.

Our analysis answers these questions you might have:

  • Can additional profits be generated in my dispensary?
  • Has the dispensary hit its potential?
  • Are there opportunities for increased revenues and better results?
  • Are the opticians maximizing transaction opportunities?


Medical Eyeglass Center stands apart from our competition because we not only analyze where things stand and identify the areas of improvement, but we make long-term commitments once engaged to implement change and grow dispensary profitability while helping owners be more in control of their practices.

Their trust is not based on promises but on our actions. Our experts consistently prove that we follow through and that our strategy delivers results. We stay with you every step of the way and manage aspects that draw upon our strengths and allow you to focus on patient care.

We oversee staffing, purchase your inventory, improve processes and handle other operational aspects, all while enhancing your ability to make profitable decisions about your optical dispensary.


Medical Eyeglass Center’s Optical Benchmark Analysis

Medical Eyeglass Center’s Optical Benchmark Analysis is the tool by which we comprehensively analyze and review your optical dispensary’s overall performance. 

  • It allows us to see how your optical dispensary has performed against national benchmark averages.
  • It provides a real world look into “what can be…..” when the optical is properly positioned and the staff is properly trained.
  • We layer in a sophisticated pro forma analysis of future results with our proven methods engaged
  • You receive a thorough review of key performance indicators of your clinic and its patient dynamics
  • You receive an in depth review of optician metrics vs national benchmarks
  • We analyze Key financial data from your optical dispensary.
  • We review the current contribution of the optical dispensary to the practice and it’s sustainability
  • And most importantly we identify how integrated your dispensary is with the rest of the practice


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