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Boost Your Optical Profits

Are you ready for a real solution that boosts the profits of your optical department?

Since 1978, Medical Eyeglass Center has been a nationally recognized leader in the field of optical dispensary management. We have helped practices like yours implement solutions that result in real growth, long-term profitability, and patient satisfaction.


Medical Eyeglass Center has the expertise and resources you need to transform your optical dispensary into a profit-generating, patient service for your practice.

With our proven, comprehensive strategies, you no longer invest time, money and effort into finding short-term ways to make your optical dispensary profitable. Rather, your overall practice is more profitable because of your optical dispensary. As a practice owner, you can focus on providing the high-quality ophthalmology experience that you desire for your patients.

Medical Eyeglass Center delivers on these promises by:

  • Prioritizing patient satisfaction by defining quality from the patient perspective.
  • Consistently providing exceptional care to each and every patient, each and every time.
  • Using a treatment plan mindset approach designed to provide the highest quality patient experience.
  • Continuously using data to measure the performance of your optical department.
  • Developing, implementing and managing optimum patient flow processes that increase capture rate.
  • Managing optical staff performance, including development and oversight.


Medical Eyeglass Center does not create work for you; we create satisfied patient and meaningful profits. Our comprehensive strategy includes tailoring a solution for your practice and managing every aspect, including:

  • Business Planning
  • Staff Development and Management
  • Execution through Training
  • Optical and Practice Integration
  • Plan Implementation


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