Deciding to bring Medical Eyeglass Center into your practice to make your dispensary profitable is a wise business decision. Many optometrists and ophthalmologists have questions about our program.

Our FAQs provide general information, and we invite you to contact us with your other questions.

Choosing Medical Eyeglass Center to be your optical dispensary development and management partner is a sound business decision. Medical Eyeglass Center has been serving optometry and ophthalmology practices in the United States since 1978, and we developed the strategies that are now best practices.

We have gathered the most common questions we hear from prospective clients to help you feel confident in your choice to work with Medical Eyeglass Center.


How does Medical Eyeglass Center Work?

Understanding how Medical Eyeglass Center works with your practice and optical dispensary helps you make an informed decision about partnering with us. Contact us to schedule a consultation to find out how we plan to give you guaranteed profits in your optical department.

Medical Eyeglass Center clients succeed by:

  • Deploying a staff that is both experienced in optical dispensing and the ophthalmic patient and practice.
  • Taking full advantage of our unique treatment plan mindset and integrated patient flow processes.
  • Working with our practice development team that has decades of experience in patient care.
  • Partnering with Medical Eyeglass Center to develop the proper, medical-based patient education process to maximize opportunities in the optical dispensary.
  • Training from our Optician Development Managers, including teaching opticians to focus first on the right medical apparatus for each patient interaction (the best lens choices for your patient) before turning to frame styling.


What kind of practices do you partner with for success?

We work with optical and ophthalmology practices that want to integrate the optical dispensary into every area of patient care to boost patient satisfaction and optical dispensary profits.

How do I know if my practice can support an optical dispensary?

Most practices that write at least 40 to 45 new eyeglass prescriptions per week are excellent candidates for an in-house optical dispensary. But to really understand if your practice can support a dispensary, on our initial phone conversation we can get into the specifics of what is needed both from a patient demographic standpoint and from a self-referral standpoint to produce a successful optical dispensary.


How do I get started?

The first step in the process is to call Medical Eyeglass Center and speak with one of our professionals to get an introduction to our business model. We can then schedule a private webinar at your convenience and take you and your key management staff through our sales presentation providing an opportunity to drill down into the details of how we operate.


Do I retain ownership of and control over my optical dispensary?

Yes. As the owner of the practice, you retain ownership and control over your optical dispensary.


Does your company help with staffing the optical dispensary?

We do. At Medical Eyeglass Center, when you engage us to be your optical dispensary development and management company, not only will we recruit and produce multiple candidates for hire, but we also hire and train them extensively preparing them to be onsite optical managers.


What happens to my existing staff?

Working with Medical Eyeglass Center is a partnership, not a takeover. Staff may be retained or replaced based upon a mutual consensus between you and Medical Eyeglass Center.


How are Lenses and Frame Inventory Managed?

Medical Eyeglass Center manages your lens and frame inventory to ensure that your products meet the unique needs of your patients. We recommend dispensary frame displays that fit your space and environment while promoting sales. Your patients have access to multiple price points, and we always deliver on time!


How does Medical Eyeglass Center know which frame styles are right for my patients?

As part of your optical dispensary management program, we collect demographics data on your patients and people who live in your area. Based on our expertise in optics, we recommend frames and lenses that are most appealing to your patient population.


What about my existing stock of eyeglass frame inventory?

Medical Eyeglass Center manages your eyeglass lens and frame inventory so that you can focus on your patients’ vision services. Medical Eyeglass Center provides new frame inventory on a consignment basis to all locations we are contracted to manage. However, we are aware that, in most scenarios, there is an existing stock of eyeglass frames in your current optical. As such, when engaged, Medical Eyeglass Center will help to smooth over the transition by reducing the existing stock and purchasing it over time from you.

Why is optical dispensary design important?

Optical dispensary design is one of the most significant influencing factors in promoting sales in your optical department. Medical Eyeglass Center is a leading optical dispensary management company, and we know how to design your optical department to boost profits and increase patient satisfaction. The design, layout, furniture and décor of your optical department sets the tone for the optical consultation experience. Having an improper design can actually turn patients away from your dispensary and make them feel less satisfied with the experience of your practice.

How much space is required for an optical dispensary?

Space requirements vary depending upon the number of refracting practitioners and patient volume. After a brief discussion with one of our consultants, you will be able to determine whether or not your space can accommodate your optical dispensary.


Can you assist us with expanding our use of third party insurance?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated internal insurance team that will recommend to you a handful of the industry’s very best optical plans for credentialing. We can also assist in advising the practice on what plans to take on or not to take on.


What about financing options for our patients?

Offering eyeglass financing to your patients motivates them to purchase higher-priced frames and lenses from your optical department.  As a leader in the optical dispensary industry, Medical Eyeglass Center is able to recommend eyeglass financing options that suit your patient demographics, staffing and frame inventory.


How can I learn more about your services?

To learn more about how we can assist your practice with its eyeglass services, visit our contact page and submit a request for a personalized consultation or contact us directly by phone at 1-800-455-0828 to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Speak with our optical experts on our dime!

By scheduling a consultation, you will speak directly with an optical management consultant who can properly assess your optical and determine the actual potential that exists for improvement. We have over 38 years of optical management experience and welcome the opportunity to learn about your optical experience.


Medical Eyeglass Center is a leading optical consulting company that has helped practices like yours become profitable. To learn more about how Medical Eyeglass Center can help the optical department at your optician and ophthalmologist practice, visit our contact page to request a personalized consultation. You can also schedule a consultation by calling our office at (800) 455-0828.