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Optical Dispensary Management – revenue growth – share the details!

As a 37 year old optical management company, Medical Eyeglass Center has long understood the nuances of growing optical revenues within a medical environment.  If you run an optometric or ophthalmic practice and are responsible for the optical results…here are just a few key ways to assure that you are on the path to success.

1) Set reasonable growth objectives!

You can’t go from zero to 100 overnight.  In order to plan for your success, you must start with small manageable goals and set reasonable targets.  Those targets can be on the revenue side or better yet…broken down to components of sales.  For example, if you are looking to continue to develop the top line revenues, you can start setting goals for the opticians on multiple pair percentages, average transaction price, percentages of sales with Anti-reflective coatings or transitions etc.  But most importantly you need to communicate the goals with the people responsible for delivering on them (the opticians) and then both track the results routinely and update everyone on the results.

2) Use a white board strategy –

Almost everyone understands the need to set objectives but almost none follow through on the most important task required to meet them….and that is posting the goals and results routinely.  No need to be fancy here.  USE A WHITEBOARD.  You know, the erasable ink type board that every office supply store sells.  Buy one…put it in your optical and literally go to the board every day or two and update the results with the opticians.  If you choose to have a weekly optical sales objective (say $10K per week or something), then every day or two fill in the results for the week and highlight how much further you must go to meet the objective. Nothing brings home the reality better than seeing the number every day and seeing your interest in their succes by updating it regularly.


Also, nothing speaks to your seriousness about hitting the objectives more than actually discussing the results you are getting with the people responsible for hitting them.  Dont just update opticians on their performance, talk to your opticians about the challenges they are having and ask them to share their success stories that they are having with the group.  Use the time productively.  Sharing best practices is always a winning strategy and will win for you as well.  And don’t just listen politely…act on the intelligence shared.  If they are struggling with something that is holding them back, fix it for them.  Remove the obstacles to success.


So the quick and easy 3 part path to optical revenue growth is simple..

Set the objectives

Update the results routinely

Discuss the results collectively…and repeat.


You are on your way!!!