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Optical Dispensary Management – Patient Focus – Revenue Growth

Ask any optical dispensary sales professional how to impress their boss and most will say, make BIG SALES. And surely one way to get your boss’s attention and excited about your performance is to deliver robust and growing sales. But maxing out each patient should not be the objective and can potentially lead to smaller revenues over time. Patients who buy over their means or spend more than they felt they needed to ultimately leave with buyers remorse. Buyers remorse almost always leads to patients who are dissatisfied and don’t return to your optical. And as I have mentioned before on this blog, repeat business is the lifeblood to a successful and growing dispensary business.

To me, the only way to deliver growing revenues in your optical on a sustained basis, is to maximize each transaction while delivering on patient expectations. You must have a sincere FOCUS on your patient, their unique visual issues, and their unique visual experiences.


If you spend time really learning about your patient and his/her visual needs and you deliver them both what they want and what they need at a fair price, you are assured your pateint will leave satisfied. Take the time to ask questions of your patient. Understand their lifestyle, work experiences, hobbies, etc. Find out what they like about their current pair of eyewear and just as important….find out what they don’t like about them. The fastest way to provide white glove, top flight customer service is to actually get to know your patient and to understand precisely what they want or need in their next pair of eyewear. Please…Please….Please do not let the lab reps or frame companies push your point of sale focus to just their latest and greatest products. Instead, find out what the patient needs, then use the manufacturers product offerings that make sense to fulfill your patients expectations. Reverse the order here and you do so at the risk of impugning your own reputation (he/she does not listen to me) and the sale you are making.

Happy selling all!!!