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Optical Dispensary Management – Multiple Eyeglass Pairs Sales

Patients that walk through the doors of your dispensary may have one thing on their mind. “Get what I want and get out.” It’s the optician’s responsibility to make the patient think, “Get what I NEED and get out.” There’s an unbelievable selection of lenses that are available! Patients need the professionalism and knowledge of an optician to help them sort out which will be the most helpful!  Patients have visual needs in the car, in the office, at home, and at play! Read more about Multiple Pairs Sales from CATHY at The Optical Vision Site.



I was doing this Multiple Pair seminar about a year ago. I always ask the questions, how many pair of shoes do you own? How many purses- then I asked How many I-Pods do you own? One woman owned 4 I-Pods! That was a first!. Did you know the average woman (16-21 years) has 25-40 pair of shoes, A woman (25-50 years) has 40-60 pair of shoes. Do you know the average woman purchased 4 purses in 2004. When I go to buy a new suit, I buy the suit, (bottom and top) the matching shirt, matching accessories if need be and if I don’t have the right shoes, I go buy new shoes.

We can understand why people have multiple items of clothing, accessories, electronics, jewelry, even dishes! Yet for some reason, opticians do not offer the consumer the same choices in their eyewear.

One of the biggest challenges today is filling the needs of the patient with multiple pairs of eyewear. Often dispensers believe that patients want and need only one pair of eyeglasses, while in many cases, additional products such as sunglasses, half eyes, and computer glasses are needed. Patients are happy to purchase a second third pair of eyeglasses when it suits their needs. Patients today want all their options presented, and see this as part of the professionalism of an office.


Eyewear is one of the most cost- effective purchases a consumer can make today!

Look at why people buy eyewear:
•    To help them see better, smarter, older, younger, different
•    To enhance their image
•    To set trends. make a fashion statement
•    For occupational reasons
•    For recreational reasons
•    For lifestyle reasons
•    For performance reasons


Reality Checks 

  • The average person spends about $1500 a year on apparel. Apparel they will only wear 10 times a year.

Yet only spend $300.00 for a pair of glasses they will wear everyday for almost two years.

  • The Average American spends from $2,000 to $10,000 on cosmetics to make them look and feel better

Yet, an updated, colorful pair of glasses can do much more than makeup or even plastic surgery.

The Multiple Pair Sale is very simple-

Find the Need and Fill it!