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Optical Dispensary Management – Hiring your Optician

For whatever reason, practices who call on MEC to assist with their optical dispensary often spend little energy on finding the best optician for their practice.  I am not sure if that is because they dont know how to define “the best” as it relates to an optician or because they feel they can train and manage around whoever they do hire to make them better.  But regardless of the reason, most eyecare practices out there seem to focus too frequently on getting the “best” optician they can afford at the price they want to pay rather than the “best” optician who has the greatest likelihood to expand their business and grow their profits.

In working to understand what makes a good optician, there are a few basics that must be met.

1) The optician must be knowledgeable in industry details including the latest frame and lens technologies on the market

2) They must understand optics

3) They must have a general empathy for the patient that comes across in the sales process.  This does not mean they feel sorry for the patient or will reduce prices substantially to create a false sense of their own value in making the patient happy.  This means they understand the patient has visual deficiency and must work hard to help find the best solution to the patients needs to correct that deficiency.

4) They must be of high moral character (You cant teach or train character) and

5) The optician must have a strong desire to succeed and the work ethic to make that a reality.

In order to be a great optician, they must take the next step and feel a sense of ownership of your optical as if it was their own.  They should reach for every sales opportunity and cherish it when it comes.  As if feeding their family depended on it.  You can help in this regard by providing quality incentives for the optician on the things that are most important…growing profits.  A great optician will make all the difference for you and your optical.  Invest the time and energy to find them…and then make them an offer worthy of their accepting it!  You can never overpay for the right steward to your ship!!!


Happy selling all…