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Optical Dispensary Management – Can my call center increase my capture rate?

What can a well trained call center or your appointment scheduler do for your optical dispensary you ask? A lot if they are focusing on the right messaging.  They can take a well performing optical to new heights by just adding a few sentences to their standard routine.

A recent practice we are engaged with went through a follow up training with their appt scheduler and following the few tips we integrated into her normal call pattern, business is up 25%.  How you ask?  Simple….

A) Your typical appointment scheduler or call center is trained to ask the purpose of the visit, determine what problems the patient is experiencing and then find a convenient time for the patient that is available for the practice while also delivering some basics about what the practice will need from them during their visit (insurance card, forms to fill out etc.)

B) Why miss the opportunity to engage all patients about your optical who are complaining about poor vision and want a complete eye exam or a new refraction?  With 2 sentences…or one long run on sentence if you prefer, optical can be discussed and progress made toward making mulitple pair sales…..And all of this is done before the patient even enters the practices office.


Here is what you change and an example in our words that can work for you…


EX.  Mrs. Jones, since you have expressed that your vision is not as sharp as it has been and we have scheduled your appt for next thursday at 3….I just want you to be aware that Dr.XXXX would like you to bring in all of your current eyewear, including any sunglasses you use, so that our optician can get a good baseline reading of where you vision has been.  Additionally, our optician will clean and adjust your current glasses and provide a free tune-up for them extending the life of your current pairs.

THAT IS IT.  2 sentences and you have set a tone.

What have you really accomplished?

1) You have let the patient know that you have an optical dispensary on site and that it is there for them to use.

2) You have accomplished the biggest task….getting the patient to bring in all of their current eyewear including sunwear, setting the table in the event a new prescription is delivered.

You may be asking how is that setting the table.  Well the answer is as follows..

Your patient now knows that you have a dispensary onsite and that they will be working with the optician at some point during the appointment.  Its subtle but it does reinforce the utilization of the optical by the patient thereby increasing the likelihood of a sale.  You have also delivered both the patient and all their current glasses to the point of sale.  Even if you have a new RX made for the patient and prefer to sell frames with all of your new sales…you have opened the door for multiple pairs being sold.  Your optician will now have the chance to sell a back up pair by “Updating the new rx in your current pair of glasses” and you have increased the likelihood of making another sale with the sunglasses.  “Mrs. Jones, you should really update your sunwear as well with this new prescription.  We can use your current pair if you prefer or we can look at some new styles together in our sunglass section”

I am telling you this works.  Your call center has set the tone for a transaction or even mulitple transactions in your optical at the time of the setting the appt and your numbers will benefit as a result.


Happy selling!!!