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Optical Dispensary Design FAQ

Optical dispensary design is one of the most significant influencing factors in promoting sales in your optical department. MEC is a leading optical dispensary management company, and we know how to design your optical department to boost profits and increase patient satisfaction.

Why is optical dispensary design important?

The design, layout, furniture and décor of your optical department sets the tone for the optical consultation experience. Having an improper design can actually turn patients away from your dispensary and make them feel less satisfied with the experience of your practice.

How much space is required for an optical dispensary?

Space requirements vary depending upon the number of refracting practitioners and patient volume.

MEC works with leading interior designers that specialize in patient flow and experience. Medical Eyeglass Center is a leading optical consulting company that has helped practices like yours become profitable. To learn more about how Medical Eyeglass Center can help the optical department at your optical and ophthalmology practice, visit our contact page to request a personalized consultation. You can also schedule a consultation by calling our office at (800) 455-0828.