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Increase Control Over Your Optical Business

Medical Eyeglass Center’s approach to optical dispensary management actually increases the control you have over your optical dispensary. We introduce the resources needed to make the optical dispensary manageable, giving you more control over the optical dispensary, and freeing up practice resources to better serve your patients. Simply put, you have greater insight into the performance of the optical dispensary, increased freedom to provide exceptional care to your patients and an optical dispensary functioning at the highest level!

Like most eye care practices, you measure success by patient satisfaction as well as the bottom line. When you face challenges in impacting the performance of the optical dispensary, new strategies are often introduced to improve performance, but without the needed oversight to properly implement and execute the plans, as practice resources are focused on other priorities within the practice. Over time, you experience the pitfall of “analysis paralysis” and may even surrender the idea of growing your optical dispensary.

The challenge you face is common among eye care practices that dispense glasses. You are trained in providing high-quality care, and your experience brings patients back again and again. The missing piece, though, is in execution through constant, consistent and expert oversight.

So, partnering with Medical Eyeglass Center, in fact, gives you greater control by increasing your knowledge and freeing up your resources. We can increase your knowledge of dispensary performance through:

  • Accurate, timely data that helps you make informed decisions and see real results.
  • Insights about staff performance.
  • Managing and improving oversight of staff.
  • No more inventory costs.
  • No more lab bills.

Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants to learn more about how we can improve the performance of your optical dispensary and your free Optical Benchmark Analysis.

Medical Eyeglass Center is a leading optical consulting company that has helped practices like yours become profitable. To learn more about how Medical Eyeglass Center can help the optical department at your optical and ophthalmology practice, visit our contact page to request a personalized consultation. You can also schedule a consultation by calling our office at (800) 455-0828.