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Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is paramount and is required in order to realize the benefits of working with Medical Eyeglass Center.

New patients become repeat patients as well as a no-cost marketing strategy through online reviews and referrals. Medical Eyeglass Center will identify and implement strategies to enhance patient satisfaction in every area of your eye care practice.

Let’s face it. Your patients have an array of options where they can purchase their glasses, both online and within the community. We believe that any time a patient gets their treatment, or glasses, outside of the practice, it leads to a decrease in patient care and patient satisfaction.

Working with Medical Eyeglass Center gives you the edge you need to become the source for your patient’s treatment plan that will get them back to their very best vision. With our help, your practice will become the preferred provider of treatment and eyeglasses. Our approach is based upon:

  • Patient perception of a collaborative medical team that focuses on the treatment plan mindset and meeting the patient’s individual needs.
  • A well-trained and caring optical staff
  • Convenient and affordable access to the best optical products and services.
  • Purchase confidence through warranties.

By implementing our strategy, you build trust with your patients that make you more than the best option — your practice will be their only option.

Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants to learn more about how we can improve the performance of your optical dispensary and your free Optical Benchmark Analysis.

Medical Eyeglass Center is a leading optical consulting company that has helped practices like yours become profitable. To learn more about how Medical Eyeglass Center can help the optical department at your eye care practice, visit our contact page to request a personalized consultation. You can also schedule a consultation by calling our office at (800) 455-0828.